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by Trent Finlay on November 22, 2011 - 6:20pm.


"I Want to be Georgia O'Keefe"
by Scott Poole
written 11/5/11 live at the Alberta Rose Theater
I hate to admit it
here on Public Radio
but I learned tonight 
that I want to be Georgia O'Keefe.
It's not the gray hair in a bun,
because I don't have any hair
where the bun is supposed to go.
It's not her hippy majesty, she didn't
really have hips, 
and it isn't that Wilfred Brimley mustache.
No, it’s just that everything about her
was so minimal: Plain black clothes,
Bare wood tables, adobe walls,
sand whistling through the sockets 
of bleached skulls. Such luscious simplicity.
I can imagine visitors 
showing up and seeing a spoon on a table
and thinking it epic and mythic 
just because it’s at Ghost Ranch.
I imagine them asking 
are you going to paint that,
going to paint it to look like, you know, 
the lady parts?
If I was Georgia O’Keefe I’d love to say, 
“No, no
I used it to bludgeon a mouse earlier
and then I stirred my tin cup coffee with it
but the coffee was so bad
I spit it into the sand
and when I turned around a snake had
crawled upon the table and swallowed
the spoon so I jumped up on the table
like a Tu Fawning song
did a flamenco dance number on it
until the spoon squirted out some end.
Then I made a stew from the dead snake
but I fell into a hallucinogenic fever for a few days
where I imagined that I lived in a 
steamy cluttered jungle 
wearing a pink bikini
surrounded by drum music and howler monkeys
and drew nothing but flowers that
looked really, really small and far away.
But when I woke up that spoon was
still there. I just stared at it.
Sometimes you have forget the lattes
and savor the harvest.”
by Trent Finlay on November 18, 2011 - 1:36pm.

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by Trent Finlay on November 17, 2011 - 11:04pm.


You heard right!  Give ANY AMOUNT to Live Wire in the Willamette Week Give!Guide before 5pm on Friday, November 18th and you will be entered to win Sean's personal VHS Collection.  Here's a note from Sean and what he has to say about each film:
"Well, all good things must come to an end. Most of these movies are classics of the silver screen, even if not wholly recognized by the American Film Institute. Despite their age, all movies are in terrific shape, so you won't need to "track" at all. If you don't know what tracking means when talking about VCRs, then I guess you either forgot or you're just a young 'un.
The Goonies: If you live in Oregon then it's a foregone conclusion you've seen this, or it should be. It still holds up today as one of the greatest coming-of-age adventure flicks. I think I can quote this whole movie..
Pee Wee's Big Adventure: One of my top 5 movies of all time. Nuff said.
Shaft (1971): Not a very good movie but still, it's terrific for all the great one liners and of course the theme from Cafe Regio. "To get laid, where the hell you going?"
Back to the Future: This movie probably made no sense when initially pitched but boy did they hit a home run. 
Sci-Fi+Comedy+Romance. How did this movie work so well?    "What the hell is a jiggawatt?"
CQ: Kinda recent add to the collection. but done well. A terrific date night movie that you probably haven't seen. plus a great short scene with jason schwarzman.
Hard Boiled: The best John Woo movie made and by far one of the best action flicks ever shot. This was a few years before John Woo came over from Hong Kong and forgot how to make movies.
Excalibur: "Let the boy try!"   This movie was one of my first experiences with an on-screen sex scene. Take the armor off dude,... seriously.
Stand by Me: Just as good as the short story. Still remains one of my faves.  "Chopper, sic balls."
Waiting for Guffman: "We love you Corky!  We want you to live!"   The first Christopher Guest helmed mockumentary remains the best. And yes, it's better than Best in Show.
The Professional (1983 anime) - This Japanese cartoon was a few years before the famous Akira but surely deserves recognition in the Manga hall of fame. Prior to this, I thought cartoons were about hulking swordsmen battling a talking blue skeleton. My nubile mind sure did soak in all the sex and violence of The Professional. Arigato Japan! 
Transformers (Ten episodes taped from t.v.): "More than meets the eye!" Ok, these really aren't that good, but hey, they're better than all the movies put together, so there's that."
                                                      ~ Sean McGrath
Not only will you get all of these films on VHS, but Sean will sign his name on each tape sleeve.  That's worth at least $20 on Ebay per film, easy! 
Additionally, Give $50 or more and you're also entered to win a romantic dinner for two on the Live Wire stage. Give $100, and get your name in a sketch. Click here to donate now in the Give!Guide.
by Trent Finlay on November 14, 2011 - 4:34pm.

Dwight Slade on Live Wire Episode 159Comedian Dwight Slade is donating $6 from tickets sold for his upcoming November 12th stand-up show at the Star Theater to Live Wire.  Enter the code LIVEWIRE when you buy your tickets and your favorite radio variety show gets a cut off the top.  Pretty cool, right? 

Here's what Dwight had to say about why he's doing this:

“After 20 some years crisscrossing the NW and the globe performing in front of drunk, blank stares, I understand the value of LISTENING.  Live Wire Radio really celebrates the art of listening.  The comedy is never overly ham-fisted.  Those are the kind of people I want in my audience.  Not that there won’t be a little ham.  But at least it will be clever ham.”

Dwight was featured on Live Wire episode 159 with Rob Forbes, Tinker Hatfield and musical guest On The Rocks.  Listen to the episode here





Watch Dwight:


by Trent Finlay on October 26, 2011 - 12:23pm.


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Show Details:


KAREN KARBO - The author of How to Hepburn and The Gospel According to Coco Chanel brings the third in her trilogy: How Georgia Became O’Keefe.

DANIEL H. WILSON - Author of Robopocalypse, the NYTimes Bestseller that was optioned by Dreamworks and will be directed by Steven Spielberg.

ARTHUR BRADFORD - Directed the new Comedy Central documentary 6 Days to Air: The Making of South Park, Writer/Director/Producer of MTV’s How’s Your News?, and author of Dogwalker: Stories (Knopf, 2001) and the upcoming children’s book, Benny’s Brigade (McSweeney’s, 2012). 

musical guests:

TU FAWNING - Tu Fawning is the new project of Joe Haege and Corrina Repp. Both Haege and Repp have been playing in Portland and abroad for many years now.

SHAKERS' SESSIONS - A benefit for Parkinson’s Disease with all-star musicians Mike Coykendall, Rob Stroup and the Blame, Casey Neil and others.


Not feeling lucky?  Buy tickets here.


by Trent Finlay on October 25, 2011 - 12:09am.

recorded October 22, 2011

I learned tonight
that you need to be a bit skeptical
when someone tells you
they're a vampire.

Sure they might be pale
and look sharp in a cape,
they might even look like a sex
worker from the enchanted forest.

But, until you have the two
holes in your neck
and start picking out
coffins for no particular reason
you just can't really rush
to judgment on a thing like that.

I also learned that not
everyone is haunted in the same way
some people see ghostly Hansels und Gretels
coming after them with sharp cookie sheets
when they move into a new home.

Some people will run screaming from
purple curtains
and track lighting.

One time when I moved into a new house
the Smurfs emerged from the walls
and I peed my pants,
tripped trying to run two yards
and knocked over my collectible figurines
of a mouse, a bird and a sausage.

My friends just spit
beer out of their noses laughing.

I learned tonight that I need
a better thing to be haunted by,
like blind Internet millionaires for instance,
who might have killed their fathers and slept with their mothers
and are kind of feeling guilty about that.

 “Go on my yacht…”,  
‘’Play tennis with me…,”
“Drink this Taittinger ‘76 now!””

The only trick is to look
scared by these things,
yet still be welcoming to the ghost.

God, I hate yachts!  Ooooh..
Look I peed my pants. Spritz. Spritz.
Look I’m crying. Eyedrop. Eyedrop.
Please don’t make me take another
hot tub while cruising the Aegean.

Yet, when I die and become one of
those undead I wonder how good
of a haunter I will be.

Like Tyler Stenson
I want to parade past a funeral
maybe I could get one of
those horrible one man band setups
and wear a wolf costume

that could be really scary
with the base drum
and the knee cymbals wrapped
around the knees with duct tape
and a kazoo
playing girl from impanema
really loud and fast and enthusiastically.

I know I’d think
I’d be cheering everyone up
but of course
this would be absolutely horrifying.
Nobody wants a one man band
to go on for eternity.

Scott Poole is Live Wire's House Poet and author of  The Sliding Glass


by Trent Finlay on October 24, 2011 - 9:34pm.

Saturday night was quite a show! Some light Oedipus chat, a Battle of the Similes between House Poet Scott Poole and Paulann Peterson, and one heckuva giant finale with the 13-piece powerhouse Typhoon. You'll hear it all in upcoming weeks, but until then, here's a taste of our favorite Flash Fiction entries from the show. We asked our audience to write their life stories in 6 words. Here's what we got:

Missed the boat. Built my own.
     - Lauri S.

Wonder Woman drives a mini van.
     - Lisa G.

It made sense at the time.
     - Elizabeth P.

Born in Alabama, still hear banjos.
     - Maria L.

W T F? L O L.
     - Ron S.

Pursued enlightenment. Does lava lamp count?
     - Dale A.

Left my heart on goat farm.
     - Molly T.

Seventy-six blind dates later, success!
     - Molly N.

It was neither country nor Western.
     - Daniel F.

Sex. Drugs. Rock and Roll. Sweatpants.
     - Kate W.

I think I ate too much.
     - Matt R.

Born too late - missed the 60's.
     - Anne W.

Lost twelve years to vegetarianism.
     - Renee N.

Biological alarm rang; got a cat.
     - Jody F.

I have made a huge mistake.
     - Liz D.

They lied about the free beer.
     - Jason B.

Daltry perm bombed in the 80's.
     - Bob Y.

Bachelor of Fine Arts. Waiting Tables.
     - Rita B.

Happy. Happy. Happy. Happy. Happy. Dead.
     - Jon A.

Too much conscience, too little id.
     - Tim F.

A bluff, or a full house?
     - Andy B.

Army brat; theatre nerd: revenge.
     - Katie L.

Ohio to Oregon. I grow beards.
     - Jason N.

Life is not catch and release.
     - Jack H.

Farmboy escapes farm. Still a farmboy.
     - Dave

Breast cancer: fake boobs, real courage.
     - anonymous

Naps and diapers at both ends.
     - anonymous

Developed a New York accent in utero.
     - Big Lou

A private island is not forthcoming.
     - Robert P.

At least I'm not my dad.
     - Douglas T.

Let me speak to the manager.
     - Jason C.

Where'd all these CATS come from??
     - Dylan M.

....and the winner of two tickets to our next show:

You just want my email address.
     - Lynn P.

Thanks for the great submissions, y'all. Are you liking this change to Flash Fiction as much as we are?


by Courtenay on October 24, 2011 - 2:36pm.

Wave of Light: Live Wire Benefit presented by Rejuvenation

Thursday, October 20th, 6-9 pm

"Wave of Light" is our very first Live Wire benefit performance, presented by Rejuvenation and held in their beautiful store and celebration space at 1100 SE Grand Avenue.
Performances by the melodic stylings Parson Red Heads, Oregon Ballet Theater's Uprising featuring a very special musical guest, Erin Leddy from Hand2Mouth Theater with a piece from "My Mind is Like An Open Meadow," and our very own house poet, Scott Poole, who will be reading from his original work. Our host Courtenay Hameister will be the ringleader for the evening.  Also expect a very special visit from Congressman Earl Blumenauer.

Tickets are only $25 for a live show, silent auction, raffle, heavy appetizers, beer, wine and a specialty “Live Wire” cocktail.

Three Ways to Buy Tickets:
Call: 503-548-4920
Visit: Rejuvenation’s Portland store at 1100 SE Grand Avenue.


by Trent Finlay on October 11, 2011 - 2:18pm.

Wow, what a show on Saturday night! We couldn't have asked for more intelligent, funny guests or a better audience. Can't wait for you to hear the shows, but until then, check out the fruits of the audience's labor: it's Lilliputian Literature! We asked our audience to write six-word stories based on the prompt, "My Life Story." Here are some of our favorites:

He said he was a doctor. 
-Molly R.

Summers off seemed worth it, initially.
- Brandi K.

You're too tall. You scare me.
- Barb M.

Things work out, unless they don't.
- Kristin L.

I live in a funeral home.
- Adrienne Daniels

Always trying to be a comedian.
- Eric M.

My sister is better at this.
- Christina C.

Hey Mom: I now like beets.
- Jeff W.

Global Warming Doubts Texas Governor Exists!
- Ron F.

Found my soulmate on porn site.
- Holly F.

Fast and furious, stumbling and heavenly.
- Cindy K.

Too busy to write six!
- Dylan M.

Could you please repeat the question?
- Melissa M.

Sleepy. Exhausted. Happy. A new father.
- Karl R.

Damn. I was 40 until today.
- Melanie W.

I still own my life rights.
- Jamie C.

A bad girl, a better man.
- Hillary J.

I like my sisters better now.
- Anna P.

I knew it'd end this way.
- Sid Tyler

Uh, gets easier, right?
- Ryan O.

Child ate dog's obedience school homework.
- Chris T.

Got it right the first time.
- Jim B.

I'm so glad I remembered to come.
- Maggie M.

But then I had cats instead.
- Hester & Yael

Being an adult really sucks sometimes.
- Ryan

And the dog dug it up.
- Rolf P.

Achieved perfection for a second there.
- Tiffany

Who knew cockfighting's illegal in Delaware?
- Marty M.

Silent bird. I do not tweet.
- J. J. M.

Send help! Stuck in alternate universe.
- Ron L.

My ruffled feathers wet with dewdrops.
- Aren M.

Bad choices reaped rewards. Now what?
- Marie S.

I am becoming my mother. Hooray!
- Christina H.
[Author's note: Not sarcastic! =)

Stole your pen. Almost feeling guilty.
- Chris B.

I couldn't care less...or more.
- Angie S.

Where am I? Who are you?
- Joanne Summers

My two dads made memorable risotto.
- Lisa D.

Recent graduate. Will work for food.
- Morgan G.

The whole mail room's a crime scene. 
- Lili Ristagno

...and this week's winner of a ticket to our next show:

Cardboard box, xBox, inbox, pine box.
- Vandoren W.


by Courtenay on October 10, 2011 - 10:51pm.

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