Ace Listener of the Week: Dylan Meconis | Live Wire Radio

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What is your nemesis like?

My nemesis is my brain at 1am, when it decides that the right thing to do to reassure myself that I am loved and have meaningful accomplishments ahead of me is to log on to Facebook for the first time in three months and see what my middle-school crushes are up to.
What is the one item of clothing you’ve always wanted to wear but never quite felt like you could pull off?
I've always wanted to be one of those carefree ladies striding around in sandals and bare legs, but my parchment skin tone and ever-present array of Mystery Bruises draws too many pitying stares.
What bird best represents your dating style? 
A woodpecker. Ten years of whacking its head against utility poles before it finally finds a tree.
If you owned a store, what kind of store would that be?
It would involve cheese. Or pens. A cheese and pen store?
Cookie Monster seems to have a mild eating disorder. Discuss.
When Mel Blanc was doing the Bugs Bunny voice, he'd chew on a carrot in front of the microphone, and then after the take he'd spit into a dish. I've noticed that Cookie Monster never seems to actually ingest the cookies, so I think it's a similar thing. He's probably been vegan/gluten-free since like 1986. He looks like a blue pipe-cleaner off-camera. 
A terrifying death-ray is aimed at the city, poised to fire at any moment. How would you save the day?
Ask the death-ray if it's seen what its middle school crushes are up to on Facebook these days. Ten minutes later it voluntarily self-destructs.
Innie or outie? 
That is between me and my shirt.
Dylan Meconis is an an author and cartoonist living in Portland, OR. You can find a selection of her work, including the Eisner Award nominated Outfoxed at You can find her thoughts on draculas and other things via her Twitter handle @quirkybird.