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Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Keeping my kid audience in the dark about my published adult comic books and trying to keep my adult audience from finding out about my kid/YA graphic novels. Dusty Trigger will be my pen name for ONE of those outlets.

What is your favorite sandwich?
The Office Sub from Thundercloud in Austin, Texas. It's an egg salad sandwich with bacon.

If you had a giant rabbit would you ride it to work or teach it to fight crime by your side?
First of all, it would a Jackalope. Hailing from Oklahoma and Texas, I grew up alongside these beasts that feed on beer and cowboy tunes. To save my family I had to learn the banjo and how to croon at an early age. Karaoke is a nightmare sometimes because no one likes Patsy Cline, Wanda Jackson or Loretta Lynn. Not even the Dixie Chicks. No one but my jackalopes.

What Lego piece most symbolizes your life?
The Lego brick that most symbolizes my life is the brick that is not a licensed piece of the Star Wars franchise.

How good are you at origami?
I'm good enough at origami to whip out a dollar and show children how to make a crane or a ring or impromptu drinking cup but then slap their hands away, tutting "no, no, this is art now" when the little tykes assume they GET my dollar.

What would you name a sailboat?
Sailboat? Let's go for broke. I'm rocking a team of dolphins attached to a floating shell

Jen currently resides in Seattle but in her heart of hearts she knows that Portland is a way better city. Because it so is. When she's not making extremely dubious geography decisions, Jen tumbls at comicscurator.tumblr and tweets and stuff via @TheJenya