Every week we profile one of the many delightful human beings on this planet who happen to listen to the show. To get picked, just fire off an email to and tell us a little about yourself. How many cats do you own? How many of those cats do you really like, and how many are you just phoning it in for? Whatever you think is interesting. We'll pick the acest listener of the bunch and profile them right here on the blog.


What do you do for fun?
Act in local theater, knit silly items, sing too loudly in my car, garden poorly, judge people with non-prescription glasses, watch stolen television episodes, sing with a "band", and have whiskey and pop music-fueled underwear cleaning parties. With myself.
What do you look for in a submarine?
Air-tightness, I think. It helps if there's a racing stripe, though.
If you had to marry ONE Ghostbuster, wouldn’t that be pretty awesome?
No, it would be SUPER AWESOME.
If you had to bake a cake, in what shape would you bake that cake?
Penis-shaped, of course.
What song would play over the training montage of your life?
The Doctor Who theme
What is your favorite planet in the Solar System?
Uranus, because of its many wonderful uses in puns.
What is your least favorite planet in the Solar System?
Uranus, because naming all of your moons after characters in Shakespeare seems sort of pretentious.
Kristen is an actress and administrator for Tears of Joy puppet theater in Portland, OR. This is usually the part where we'd put a social media handle or something, but instead let's all admire the merkin she knitted for us to give to Mike Birbiglia (some, and only some, context can be found here). What have YOU done for us lately?