Every week we profile one of the many delightful human beings on this planet who happen to listen to the show. To get picked, just fire off an email to and tell us a little about yourself. How many cats do you own? How many of those cats do you really like, and how many are you just phoning it in for? Whatever you think is interesting. We'll pick the acest listener of the bunch and profile them right here on the blog.

What's one thing about the show you would change?
If a specially trained team of nubile youths could arrive at my home to arrange my sofa cushions for maximum comfort and serve to me beverages and cheese plates while Livewire plays on the stereo would greatly improve my listening experience. If they could all be dressed in a sort of Tarzan theme that would be ideal.

If you were a Monster Truck, what would your name be? Bonus question: what would you drive over first?
Hail Weathintonia, and I would drive over every taco cart that ever let me down in terms of quality.

What do you look for in a submarine?
I suppose I don't have to say an air tight hull, do I? Of course not. We are all established professionals here, not children. I tend to like something with a wide viewing port, a sub that’s not too big, you know just something large enough to fit 3 or 4 of my main bitches. I find that the drivers chair and lounging chairs should be upholstered in albino shark skin- never cloud leopard! You can't get scotch out of that stuff. Fully stocked wet bar is a must for entertaining.


If you had a sequel, what would it be titled?
Gin-Soaked Dimwit: Has Anyone Seen My Phone?

What is your most prized coffee mug?
The one with the coffee in it, preferably not the one that has been sitting out for two days and I drank from it because there are a million mugs sitting around! What's wrong with me? Is it so hard to just do the dishes? I've run out of mugs completely, which one of these is still warm???

What do you do for fun?
Joseph Gordon Levitt.

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