Every week we profile one of the many delightful human beings on this planet who happen to listen to the show. To get picked, just fire off an email to and tell us a little about yourself. How many cats do you own? How many of those cats do you really like, and how many are you just phoning it in for? Whatever you think is interesting. We'll pick the acest listener of the bunch and profile them right here on the blog.


What is the one item of clothing you’ve always wanted to wear but never quite felt like you could pull off?

I can't tell you how many dusty snorkels are lying in the back of my closet. I mean, the ocean is the ocean and all, but who'd take a sailor with a snorkel seriously? It just screams "GUYS I DON'T THINK THIS WHOLE BOAT ON THE WATER THING IS GOING TO END WELL."

How do you disguise an elephant?

Fill with helium, deploy as novelty hot air balloon.

Cookie Monster seems to have a mild eating disorder. Discuss.

As an artist, I often undergo periods of binge eating throughout the course of my creative endeavors. This stems from my requirements for sustenance as a human being balanced with a crippling incapacity to leave the house and acquire food not already lurking at the bottom of the storecupboard. I once subsisted solely on marshmallows for several days while completing a project. All I'm saying is that this guy's probably about to drop some epic artistic shit. Just give him a little more time.

What is your preferred animal to race?

Bejeweled Ostrich

What bird best represents your dating style?

See: Preferred Racing Animal.

Lucy maintains that she is the world's only tall ship sailing dual citizen cartoonist, and if another exists they have yet to come forward. She is certainly our favorite, and not only because she sketched our show last season. You can see more of her work at and Portlandians can see her read one of her stories at the next Comics Underground.