Ace Listener of the Week: Robert Fortney | Live Wire Radio

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What do you do for fun?

At the moment, my fixation is painting. All of my free time and energy goes towards that. The rest of my time is spent apologizing to people after parties.

Favorite Live Wire experience?

I think the most memorable experience was my first. It must have been years ago. A friend asked if I wanted to accompany him to this "Live Wire" thing and I happily obliged. The show featured two performers; one I had heard of, and the other was completely unknown to me. The unknown musician was Holcombe Waller. He stepped onto the stage like a sheepish hippie pixie, sat down, and performed a heart-pounding song threaded with a myriad of authentic emotions. You could have heard a pin drop during that arresting performance.           

If you were a Monster Truck, what would your name be?


Turtles or tortoises?


What do you look for in a submarine?

Strong Seamen.

What is your favorite planet in the solar system?

Don't say, Uranus. Don't say, Uranus. Umm... Uranus?!

You can find out more about Mr. Fortney as well as see a collection of his paintings and other projects at