The Best of Lilliputian Literature | Live Wire Radio

Wow, what a show on Saturday night! We couldn't have asked for more intelligent, funny guests or a better audience. Can't wait for you to hear the shows, but until then, check out the fruits of the audience's labor: it's Lilliputian Literature! We asked our audience to write six-word stories based on the prompt, "My Life Story." Here are some of our favorites:

He said he was a doctor. 
-Molly R.

Summers off seemed worth it, initially.
- Brandi K.

You're too tall. You scare me.
- Barb M.

Things work out, unless they don't.
- Kristin L.

I live in a funeral home.
- Adrienne Daniels

Always trying to be a comedian.
- Eric M.

My sister is better at this.
- Christina C.

Hey Mom: I now like beets.
- Jeff W.

Global Warming Doubts Texas Governor Exists!
- Ron F.

Found my soulmate on porn site.
- Holly F.

Fast and furious, stumbling and heavenly.
- Cindy K.

Too busy to write six!
- Dylan M.

Could you please repeat the question?
- Melissa M.

Sleepy. Exhausted. Happy. A new father.
- Karl R.

Damn. I was 40 until today.
- Melanie W.

I still own my life rights.
- Jamie C.

A bad girl, a better man.
- Hillary J.

I like my sisters better now.
- Anna P.

I knew it'd end this way.
- Sid Tyler

Uh, gets easier, right?
- Ryan O.

Child ate dog's obedience school homework.
- Chris T.

Got it right the first time.
- Jim B.

I'm so glad I remembered to come.
- Maggie M.

But then I had cats instead.
- Hester & Yael

Being an adult really sucks sometimes.
- Ryan

And the dog dug it up.
- Rolf P.

Achieved perfection for a second there.
- Tiffany

Who knew cockfighting's illegal in Delaware?
- Marty M.

Silent bird. I do not tweet.
- J. J. M.

Send help! Stuck in alternate universe.
- Ron L.

My ruffled feathers wet with dewdrops.
- Aren M.

Bad choices reaped rewards. Now what?
- Marie S.

I am becoming my mother. Hooray!
- Christina H.
[Author's note: Not sarcastic! =)

Stole your pen. Almost feeling guilty.
- Chris B.

I couldn't care less...or more.
- Angie S.

Where am I? Who are you?
- Joanne Summers

My two dads made memorable risotto.
- Lisa D.

Recent graduate. Will work for food.
- Morgan G.

The whole mail room's a crime scene. 
- Lili Ristagno

...and this week's winner of a ticket to our next show:

Cardboard box, xBox, inbox, pine box.
- Vandoren W.