December 5, 2015 | Live Wire Radio

John Hodgman
Author, actor, PC, eccentric millionaire, Ragnarok enthusiast. John has authored three books of almost wholly fake facts and appeared on The Daily Show, Flight of the Conchords, and Parks and Recreation among many others.

Meghan Daum
A columnist for The LA Times for a decade, Meghan Daum has become patently familiar with the personal essay. In 2014, she published The Unspeakable, a collection of highly personal essays that prompted Nylon to call her "her generation's Joan Didion." Most recently, she edited the collection Selfish, Shallow and Self-Absorbed: Sixteen Writers on the Decision Not to Have Kids.

Irene Tayor Brodsky
A documentary filmmaker on a wide range of subjects, from kids at "grief camp" to her own parents getting cochlear implants in their 60's. Her latest film is Open Your Eyes, about a Himalayan couple's journey to gain back their sight. 

Musical Guests:

The Doubleclicks
Two sisters with a cello and ukelele who sing sincerely about nerd things, like dinosaurs, super-villains and Mr. Darcy. Their latest album, Dimetrodon, features songs about burritos and cats.

David Wax Museum
Led by multi-instrumentalist and husband-and-wife team David Wax and Suze Slezak, David Wax Museum mixes American roots music with Mexican folk to create their own genre: "Mexo-Americana." Their latest record is Guesthouse.

More to be announced!

Guest List: 
John Hodgman, Meghan Daum, Irene Taylor Brodsky, Chastity Belt, David Wax Museum and more to be announced!
Show Date: 
Saturday, December 5, 2015
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Revolution Hall