Preliminary Questions for the July show. | Live Wire Radio

up-poster.jpgSo I'm getting more and more excited about the July show as it approaches. Angus MacLane, Shawn Levy, Robin Romm, Laura's a lineup and a half. And, as usual, I'm getting my stellar questions written. Here's just a sampling:

For Shawn Levy, author of Paul Newman, A Life:
How hot was Paul Newman? Am I right, ladies?
Did he ever ask about me?
If he was a salad dressing, what kind of salad dressing would he be?
Are you hungry? I'm hungry now.

For Angus MacLane, lead animator on Wall•E and animator on UP:
Did Wall•E ever ask about me?
That whole balloons carrying the house thing in "Up" can't actually do that, right?
Wall•E takes place in this dystopic distant-future where the world is overrun with garbage so humans have taken off to live in space on a cruise-ship-like spaceship. Was this the first Pixar documentary?

I mean, those are just a start. I've got tons more. What do you want to ask these guys?