Saturday's Flash Fiction | Live Wire Radio

                Cold Turkey

Thanks to everyone who attended our last show of the season on Saturday! It was the perfect way to end a wonderful season. Our Flash Fiction prompt this show was "My New Year's Resolution," and as usual, our audience came through. Here are some of our favorite that didn't make the air:

I am giving up cold turkey.
- Sarah B.

I will choose my ruts carefully.
- Mike L.

I hereby resolve: no more resolutions.
- Marj R.

I resolve to stop eating vegetarians.
- Derek R.

I'd like to eat exotic meat. [Ed. note: at first glance, this looked like "erotic meat," which is...different.]
- Katie C.

Be less of an *sshole. Sometimes.
- Geoffrey C.

Be really really really really succinct.
- D. H.

More Live Wire, fewer restraining orders.
- Stephanie S.

Stop smelling my belly button fuzz.
- Amy P.

See places, learn more, occupy something.
- Stephanie H.

I will learn my times tables.
- Boon H., 8

I'll teach Boon his times tables.
- Allison M.

Expand our taxidermy. Add a deli.
- Jim R.

Make more art instead of worrying.
- Nicole A.

Build time machine, invest in Apple.
- Dan W.

Stop writing songs about Andrew Harris.
- Suzanne T.

This year; a Brazillian, no tears.
Stu S.

Test theory; walruses ticklish? Hire intern.
- Deborah G.

I will achieve honey-do list zero!
- Noah K.

F*ck it! Buy a larger size!
- Deb

Make a fuss. It's about time.
- Louise F.

Eat fruit. Scones are not fruit.
- Megan H.

Get full body holiday sweater tattoo.
- Simon J.

Eat all the gluten I can.
- Kelly A.

Improve on perfection? I think not.
- Teri F.

No more cake...well, starting tomorrow.
- Katie H.

Never tell anyone my age again.
- Ann

Ain't takin' guff from no one.
- Steven M.

To fit in these chairs next year.
- Taylor K.

Clean the gutters of my mind.
- Bob P.

Remember to get to Live Wire earlier.
- Ann W. (from the back row)

Stop funding library with overdue fines.
- Ingrid P.

...and the last one, well, it's not six words, but we liked it:
Make viral YouTube video, monkey riding pig, if not already done.
- Adam M.

Thanks again for SO much fun this season, and we'll see you in February!