Text Conversation One | Live Wire Radio

The following is a conversation I had via text with a friend. It is just after midnight:

Me: Hey, sorry I didn't get back to you earlier. I'm exhausted. Long day.

Her: It's ok. I'm actually shaking I'm so hungry and tired.

Me: You should eat a banana and drink some water, immediately. What did you do today?

Her: I auditioned 300 people, I named, numbered and uploaded 600 photos to a server, I prepped two different episodes, conducted a live news interview and prepped an example casting session for a new agent.


Me: I watched Youtube for a while, took a four hour nap and ate two dinners.


Her: Yeah, well I win.

Me: There were TWO DINNERS. One had a salad and a dessert.


Her: We're not friends anymore.