YOU ARE TOO HIGH | Live Wire Radio

It’s summertime in the Northwest and for a lot of folks (not us!) that means barbecuing and smoking a lot of marijuana (which we would never do!). But sometimes you can smoke too much, and then where are you? You’re eating potato salad with your Aunt Marge, desperately trying to keep it together. Well, here are a few activities and scenarios that have been scientifically proven to keep you from wigging out to the max.

Mowing the lawn

Shaving your animal


More marijuana

Think of your favorite whole number

Prepare for a religious holiday


Kres pillas der alfa moontin

Watch the film Berlin Alexanderplatz

Take off your pants

Even more marijuana

Try listening only with your hands

Make an enemies list

Give to public broadcasting

Switch to cocaine

Make 100 phone calls in 100 minutes

Make a wet snack

Take a shower while eating peanut butter and pleasuring yourself