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SAT, DEC 14 (Seattle)

John Hodgman + Jon Mooallem + Allen Stone + more!
Venue: The Neptune (Seattle)
Doors: 7:00 pm
Show: 8:00 pm

The New York Times bestselling author of, “Vacationland,” John Hodgman returns to memoir with his trademark whip smart humor to cover topics like the strangeness of his own career and his shifting work identity in his new book, “Medallion Status.” In addition to his writing, Hodgman performs comedy across the country, hosts the popular "Judge John Hodgman" podcast, where he settles serious disputes between real people, and contributes a weekly column under the same name for The New York Times Magazine. With Hodgman as our guide, we’re ready for a hilarious and revealing exploration of setbacks, reality checks, and in-real-life status updates.

Jon Mooallem is a pro at walking it out. As the creator of the WALKING podcast - which was named a best podcast of the year by “The A.V. Club” and one of 100 Podcasts Worth Listening To by “New York Magazine” – he takes listeners on hour-long walks with him through the woodlands of the Pacific Northwest. A longtime writer-at-large with “The New York Times Magazine” and a contributor to outlets like “This American Life” and “Wired,” Mooallem’s expertise in conservation, animal life, and the relationship between humans and nature makes him the perfect partner for your own forays. He walks and talks, you listen and do what you do, and we all reflect on the natural bonds that tie us together.

Allen Stone is a singer who combines soul, energy, and authenticity to create an irresistible musical mix. His evocative career takes another leap forward with the release of his third soul-stirring funk and R&B album, “Building Balance.” Stone grew up in Washington state, the son of the pastor of a local church which immersed him in gospel music as a child. “Building Balance” is inspired by his own experiences becoming a husband and father, and infuses his music with passion and personality. Stone has performed on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, as well as at the Special Olympics opening ceremony, toured with Train, and been a guest mentor on American Idol.



Leah Sottile + Chioke l’Anson + Joseph + more!
Venue: Alberta Rose Theatre
Doors: 6:30pm
Show: 7:30pm

Leah Sottile dives deep. A freelance journalist whose profiles, investigations, and essays have been featured by the Washington Post, Rolling Stone, The New York Times Magazine, California Sunday Magazine, Outside, and Playboy, among others, her work is defined by the ability to draw her audience into the web of the story she is telling – whether that’s about a legendary Bigfoot sighting, Evel Knievel, or the rise, fall and resurgence of the Bundy family and the armed uprisings they inspired. Her podcast on that topic, Bundyville, produced in conjunction with Longreads and Oregon Public Broadcasting, was a finalist for the National Magazine Award and is now in its second season. An Oregon resident, Sottile appears on OPB and has won awards for her reporting on the Pacific Northwest. For reporting and writing that exposes and enlightens, Leah Sottile is your go-to deep diver.

Chioke l’Anson is a fan of the fast lane. The motorcycle enthusiast, who claims he would rather be riding right this second, combines his love of speed with a background in philosophy – and a current gig as the voice of public radio. An Assistant Professor of African American Studies at Virginia Commonwealth University, you can also hear l’Anson as the Voice of Underwriting for NPR. His teaching and his work in radio and podcasting are powerful amplifiers for getting his message and viewpoints across to a wider audience.

If you like your music beautifully blended and perfectly in sync, then you’re going to love the triple sister act of musical group Joseph. The group, made up of Natalie Schepman and her twin sisters Allison and Meegan Closner, recently released their new album “Good Luck, Kid” on ATO Records – an effort that Paste called “…the biggest, boldest, most realized thing Joseph have ever released." The family affair is currently on tour headlining their biggest venues yet, bringing their upbeat anthems and lovely lullabies to audiences across the US.

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